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How To Incorporate Gratitude Into Your Business
Episode 4559th December 2022 • Mommy Millionaire • Cayla Craft
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I am such a numbers-focused person in my business, so I have to do exercises to get me back into gratitude when the numbers aren't what I want them to be. In this episode, I'm going to share with you those exercises. It's not easy, but just like with any habit that you're trying to cultivate or culture you're trying to create, it's going to take intention, and it's going to take work. 

Doing these exercises, not only helps me, but also helps with my team's morale. It is important that I'm practicing what I preach. I also talk about why having gratitude practices is necessary, and the results they bring, because for me, if I'm going to infuse a tool into my life, I need to understand the why.


  • Simple ways to show gratitude with big results
  • Gratitude practices for work calls
  • How recognition and gratitude increase your employee engagement
  • Gratitude for yourself in your business
  • Why we all need helpful gratitude reminders consistently 
  • How to adopt a grateful perspective, even in frustrating times


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