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FORMULA INDIE 25.09.2020
25th September 2020 • Formula Indie • European Indie Music Network
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Franco Nocchi – Note d’oriente

Donna Zed – Enough Years

The Deers Cry – Rise with the Dawn

Thermal And A Quarter – Leaders of Men

Tom Proctor – Working man

Gabriel Wegner – Aleppo

Fadi Awad & Sasha Dee Jay ft. Addie Nicole - Release 

Dawgone Davis – Weight of the World

AV Super Sunshine – Smile

Destiny Malibu – Lo Siento

Mike P. Fitzpatrick feat. Priscilla Bailey – Everything i need

Giulio Sant – L’amore ti sorprende

Matthew Schultz x Modern Machines – Go (radio edit remix)

RobAnd – Bextasy

Fadi Awad feat. Nicole Carino - No One’s Gonna Stop Us Now 

Phaze II – April

Ivan Comar, Gabriele Saro – Open Your Eyes

Alex Alan ft. Juan Guti - Deranged

Benny S. - Victim:The Original

Darrell Kelley – Ahmaud

Funkmata – SignOut66

Luanne Hunt – We Rise

Des Cox – My Internet Lover

Daniela Mastrandrea – Sottovoce

Dawgone Davis – Checkered Future

Alessandro Tolone - Piccola Emma

Jim Lord – Helplessly I Fell

Lumen Jingos – Tragic Innocence





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