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Supply Chain Now - Supply Chain Now 25th January 2021
Dial P for Procurement- Featuring Supply Chain Humanitarians Anna McGovern & Kathy Fulton
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Dial P for Procurement- Featuring Supply Chain Humanitarians Anna McGovern & Kathy Fulton

In this inaugural episode of Dial P for Procurement, program co-hosts Kelly Barner (Buyers Meeting Point, Art of Procurement) and Scott Luton (Supply Chain Now) welcome two professionals who have put their procurement and supply chain experience to work in the service of others. Anna McGovern is the Chief Supply Chain Officer at the Food Bank for New York City and Kathy Fulton is the Executive Director of the American Logistics Aid Network. They joined the show to discuss the differences between commercial and nonprofit supply chains, where they would like to see procurement professionals ‘slow down’ in the execution of their duties, and why delivering an amazing customer experience is critical, no matter who your customers are.

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