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Emerging botanical ingredients for stress management
12th August 2019 • The Vitafoods Insights Podcast • Informa Markets
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Stress management in particular has evolved to be a top health concern, especially as experts realise the serious long-term consequences when stress is left untreated. Plant ingredients are increasingly of interest to consumers and formulators alike thanks to their proven health benefits.

Charlotte Bastiaanse, associate editor at Vitafoods Insights, talks to herbal pharmacist, David Foreman about emerging ingredients and booming potential for stress management products. David will also be speaking at Vitafoods Asia on clinically-researched ingredients for stress and recommended formulation.

Interested in more? 

David Foreman will be speaking at the 2019 Vitafoods Asia Conference on the topic of stress ingredients and formulation for the mentall wellness market. Click here to view the program and resigter for the conference. 




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