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Looking at Psalm 93
18th July 2021 • In Awe & Wonder • Kristen Hamilton
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In this episode we are looking at Psalm 93. This is a short Psalm with just five verses. It is an introduction poem to a group of Psalms that have a main theme of praising God as King. The psalms with this primary theme go through Psalm 100.

The attributes of God we see in this psalm are as follows:

  • Creator and Sustainer of the universe
  • Eternal; No beginning or end; Not created; Alpha & Omega
  • Powerful, and His power does not rely upon anything external to Himself
  • High and Mighty
  • Sovereign, in control of everything, including the forces of chaos and evil
  • Holy
  • Just
  • Orderly, He brings order out of chaos, has laws to bring order, and has a purpose for order
  • Jesus is God and He is our Prophet, Priest, and King. (Read Hebrews to find out more about this.)

Other Scripture cited in this episode:

  • Psalm 29:10
  • Psalm 72:11
  • Psalm 102:15
  • Daniel 2:47
  • Revelation 1:5

Keep reading your Bible!




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