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Causepods - The Podcast Consultant EPISODE 27, 1st August 2019
Important Stories with a Positive Vibe with Sandy Joy Weston of the Let’s Keep it Real
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Important Stories with a Positive Vibe with Sandy Joy Weston of the Let’s Keep it Real

In today's episode we are talking to Sandy Joy Weston she is the author of Train Your Head & Your Body Will Follow and the host of the podcast Let’s Keep It Real. Her podcast is all about hearing from amazing people around the world who are making a positive impact and spreading joy.

She has been fortunate enough to be able to travel the world and do speaking engagements. The people she talked to had stories that she wanted to tell so she decided to do a podcast to talk about their positivity and strength and give voice to what they were trying to accomplish.

Her career started when she opened her in-home private training company then went on to own three health clubs over thirty years. She was always interested in mental health as much as physical well-being, her main mission was to show clients that they were awesome and worthy right where they were. Her goal was to get people to spend a few minutes every day to get into a positive headspace, because what you think really matters.

She now travels the world as a Keynote speaker at conferences specializing in health, psychology and women empowerment. Her vivaciousness and positive outlook on life inspire people every day to bring a little more joy to the world.

Key Topics

  • Introducing Sandy [00:48]
  • Why Sandy wanted to launch her podcast Let’s Keep It Real [01:35]
  • The positive message behind her book Train Your Head & Your Body Will Follow [02:30]
  • Women of Tomorrow Conference was the catalyst for starting the podcast [06:04]
  • The benefits of using the podcast medium to spread the message [07:26]
  • Challenges of getting a podcast off the ground [09:46]
  • Launching a podcast changed her perspective on podcasts in general [12:51]
  • Charity Water Organization, helping to bring water clean water to areas with none [14:10]
  • Sandy is now a podcasting powerhouse with multiple podcasts [15:33]
  • What do you tell someone that wants to start a podcast? [20:26]

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