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#10 - Ajapa Japa - Healing the Mind Stage 1
Episode 1025th July 2023 • Light on Yoga and Meditation • Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati & Jayne Stevenson
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In today’s episode, we are providing you with the Introductory lesson from Healing the Mind – Ajapa Japa Stage 1 Course. It is also available as a video on Big Shakti’s YouTube channel.

Ajapa Japa is a wonderful and extremely powerful form of meditation that combines many forms of meditation, including relaxation, mindfulness, breath, prana, life force, and a mantra to heal the body and mind and activate and awaken the chakras and kundalini. It calms an overactive mind, balances emotions, and creates physical and mental resilience as well as awakening consciousness.

Of all the meditation practices that I use in my medical practice, Ajapa Japa is the most powerful and useful.

Of course, it is one thing to learn the technique, but it is another to understand how to apply it to achieve your desired results. The MP3 series on Ajapa Japa is available on Big Shakti. However, I highly advise you to enroll in the Healing the Mind Ajapa Japa Stage 1 course. It tells you how to do the technique, and the methodology, which means how to apply the technique to achieve your desired results. I can’t recommend this course more highly.

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To learn more about how to apply Ajapa Japa meditation for healing and for your spiritual evolution, Big Shakti teaches guided yoga and meditation techniques that systematically take systematically guide you into the practice of Ajapa Japa. This guided training program is called Ajapa Japa, Breath and Mantra.

If you wish to really understand how to use Ajapa Japa to support the healing of mental illness and to cultivate a strong mind, then we highly recommend that you enroll in the online course, Healing the Mind Meditation Course – Ajapa Japa Stage 1.