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16 | Chris Czarnik | Unlocking Talent - The Power of Continuous Learning and Growth
21st May 2024 • Fingerprints On Success • Bill Barrett
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In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill is joined by Chris Czarnik, a renowned speaker and consultant, and the author of 'Winning the War on Talent.' They discuss the critical importance of employee retention in today's workforce. Chris shares insights backed by data, highlighting a significant shortage of workers in the market and the increasing tendency for employees, particularly millennials and Gen Z, to leave jobs when they stop learning and growing. He emphasizes the need for companies to shift focus from just recruiting to also developing and retaining talent, especially given the current competitive job market.

Chris introduces the concept of the Subject Matter Expert Development Model, a strategy for employee growth and retention that empowers individuals to identify and solve company problems using online resources and learning platforms. He stresses that providing opportunities for growth and development is crucial for retaining employees, particularly younger generations who prioritize learning and freedom almost as much as monetary compensation. Chris encourages companies to recognize the potential in their employees and invest in their continuous development to foster loyalty and long-term commitment.

Bill and Chris discuss the profound impact of mentors and teachers in their lives, highlighting the importance of gratitude and paying it forward. Chris shares his passion for helping individuals find the right job fit and achieve personal growth, underscoring the fulfillment he finds in positively impacting thousands of lives and company destinies. The episode concludes with Chris expressing gratitude for the opportunity to share his work and beliefs, emphasizing his mission to teach organizations how to fix their talent issues permanently.


In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • Why the current workforce is facing a shortage of workers, with 8 million fewer people available for jobs in the next decade.

  • How Millennials and Gen Z employees prioritize learning and growth, often leaving jobs when they feel stagnant.

  • How the Subject Matter Expert Development Model empowers employees to solve company problems using online resources, fostering growth and retention.

  • Why companies need to focus on developing and retaining talent, not just recruiting.

  • The importance of providing opportunities for growth and development when retaining employees, especially younger generations.

  • The concept that employees are not in the job they want but in the job they could get, and the need for companies to recognize talent and invest in development.

  • And much more...


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