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Rebel and Be Well - Christa Rymal EPISODE 11, 11th June 2021
Christa Rymal: The Point Retreats Founder, CEO, and Healthcare Rebel with a Cause!
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Christa Rymal: The Point Retreats Founder, CEO, and Healthcare Rebel with a Cause!

Season Finale 

In a turn of events, Christa Rymal of The Point moves from podcast-host to podcast-guest in the final episode of our first season! Today, Jamie Petschow, Director of Operations, interviews The Point Founder and CEO, Christa Rymal. 

An unforgettable leader who manages to relate to most anyone, and friend you want by your side, Christa Rymal invites listeners to empower themselves while sharing lessons learned from youth, bedside nursing, leadership, business ownership, and beyond. Christa offers vulnerable experiences, a philosophy that will alter the journey of your health, and a mindset that will allow you to survive, withstand, and grow better from the hardships you encounter along the way (personally and professionally). 

Often introduced solely as the Founder & CEO of The Point, Christa's background is worth reiterating as it validates her role as a core leader bridging conventional and non-conventional medicine for patients and, now, guests of The Point: 

Christa has worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years in emergency medicine, cardiac care, orthopedics, primary care, diabetes education and endocrinology. She has a Bachelors Degree in Nursing, Masters Degree in HealthCare Leadership, and Advanced training from the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Institute of Functional Medicine, and American Academy of Functional Medicine. It was during her time working as a Diabetes Nurse Educator, followed by her role as Director of Diabetes Care and Endocrinology, that she was motivated to be a change agent in the way we treat and manage chronic disease. Alarmed at the increased prevalence of diabetes and the complex nature and cost of managing the disease, Christa became inspired by those patients who became partners in their care, and (with the right support, education, and coaching) were empowered to make lifestyle changes that resulted in improved health and happiness. 

Highlights of this episode:

  1. Her most valuable life-lessons learned
  2. How to breakdown healthcare silos and make a whole-systems approach to health the norm- bettering the well-being for both patients and healthcare professionals:
  3.  Be willing to work with others --> refer --> open the conversation --> encourage our patients to use other modalities to health --> build those modalities up
  4.  Engage in greater dialogue with our patients
  5. What perspective can change the outcome of your personal trials
  6. Rebelling for a good cause
  7. Purpose
  8. How The Point is working to change healthcare norms
  9. Fireround of health hacks, one-liners, resources, and fun anecdotes 

“My outside-of-the-box radar is getting a little cloudy these days…” – Christa Rymal

In our final episode of our first podcast season, we get to hear a much more personal interview by Christa. Listeners will admire, laugh, and find hope in her stories of rebellion, and healthcare professionals specifically will feel understood and cared for in her acknowledgement of the dueling demands of administration and patient care dynamics. A testimony to the mission behind The Point, don't miss this hour of finding meaning, value, and quality in life. 

"[This is] What I think is relevant, and I am happy to tell you my top three things, but it has to work in your life to implement them. So let's start where you think you can succeed, and then we’ll build from there". – Christa Rymal


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