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The Art of Friendship with Humanitarian Photographer Fawn Anderson
Episode 411st June 2021 • ALSO in PINK with Alexandria Lawrence • Alexandria Lawrence
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Fawn Anderson is a humanitarian-focused photographer and founder of Our Friendly World, a social movement and podcast that is for the healing of social, economic & racial injustice through the art of friendship. This episode is all about connection: from how to take engaging portraits that honour your subject to embracing friendship in its many forms. By the end, you may want to take up martial arts and even try bending spoons… with your mind! ✨

Fawn’s Links


  • Burnout by Emily & Amelia Nagoski. “It talks about emotions and what burnout really is and how to get out of that burnout. And I think actually that’s the key to the fall of friendship—the fall of our relationships in our society. We’re all burnt out. There’s no capacity to be outgoing. We’re in survival mode”.

How to Photograph People

Conscious photography

That means connecting with your subject on a soul level. 

Compassionate lighting

In taking portraits or making films, show care and respect for the people you work with by taking time to properly capture the texture of their skin, whether it’s dark or light. 

Friendship & Connection

Be a friend to yourself

Prioritise yourself and take time to care for yourself.

It’s like watching TV

Love TV shows? So do I, and so does Fawn. And she has a trick for connecting with people that’s perfect for all you TV show fans & movie buffs...

Everyone is your guest

I’ve always believed that how you treat people you don’t know says a lot about your character. And Fawn has a similar philosophy...

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