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Putting the T in MMT with Professor Bill Mitchell
Episode 11st February 2019 • Macro N Cheese • Steve D Grumbine MS, MBA, PMP, PSM1, ITIL
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Steve interviews Bill Mitchell on the controversial concept of “Theory” in Modern Monetary Theory, demonstrating that even the most complicated economic concepts can be made accessible to the layperson.  They take on several of the predominant criticisms of #MMT including microfoundations while taking us on a journey through macroeconomics, from Keynes and Milton Friedman including today’s New Keynesians.

Now…. Enjoy the very first episode of Macro n Cheese!


Special Thanks to The MMT Podcast's own Christian Reilly for assisting in audio engineering for this episode!

Special Thanks to Geoffrey Ginter for the excellent intro song!

And of course special thanks to our guest Professor Bill Mitchell, the donors of Real Progressives and our excellent staff of volunteers



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