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The Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Finding the Unicorn | Cybrary Limited Series
23rd September 2020 • 401 Access Denied • Delinea
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How do you get the job you want in an efficient way? Renee Small (Cybersecurity Recruiter), Will Carlson (Director of Content Ops at Cybrary), Jon Brickey (SVP of Cybersecurity at Mastercard), and Ryan Corey (CEO at Cybrary) talk about one of the most controversial topics in Cybersecurity - breaking into the cybersecurity industry. 

In this episode of the Cybrary Podcast, our panelists discuss everything from assessing your skills to why it's near impossible to get hired in cybersecurity despite the millions of open jobs. As current recruiter and co-host of the Breaking into Cybersecurity Podcast, Renee offers a hiring manager and recruiter perspective to why skills are a critical element for professionals today. Plus, Jon Brickey and Will Carlson weigh in on the Skills Gap vs. Talent Gap debate - Are they the same thing, and are there really not enough qualified people to fill all the jobs needed? 

From misconceptions and the continuous search for industry "unicorns", this episode uncovers the secrets to why people can't get past the interview process, and what organizations need to do to keep up with the evolution of technology today. Here's a hint, it's based on aptitude and potential..."You can't train someone to be more curious or passionate, but you can develop their technical and soft skills." With technology engrained in everything we do, playing catch up won't sustain this industry. Tune into the discussion and get a copy of data points mentioned throughout the podcast from Cybrary's 2020 Skill Gap Research Report:

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