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4·15 The Fairy Crystal and the Jammies ⠀ (Mental as Anything)
Episode 1525th April 2023 • So Farscape! • Khaki & Kay
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Farscape 4·15: Mental as Anything

When Scorpius brings the boys of Moya to receive special training from an individual named Katoya, Ka D'Argo comes face to face with his wife's murderer, Macton Tal.

  • “Grasshopper organises a road trip! The boys visit Mr Miyagi in an effort to keep the what's in John's head in his head. A blast from the past dredges up painful memories.” (thanks Marky See!)
  • “Welcome to your training getaway, teal outfits are mandatory unless you brought a leather body suit. Soak up some heat, or battle in a seat either way you must complete this rather intense retreat. ” (thanks Mark Nixon!)
  • “D'Argo enjoys a tense session of Tai Chi with his mortal enemy, meanwhile, John Crichton gets put in the naughty box” (thanks Mysterytour!)
  • “It's a boys trip as the guys go for some mental training with a Jedi Master named Katoya. Scorpius plays a game of paint ball (remove the T) against the Jedi Master and Rygel goes up against a Charrid, who's race have an ugly history with Hynerians. Crichton gets thrown from the frying pan into the fire, literally and needs to find the key to escape. An unexpected visitor from D'Argo's past appears and he gets real hyper about it.” (thanks Nickrude from Katratzi aka Canada!)

First aired on Monday, 20 January 2003, written by Mark Saraceni, and directed by Geoff Bennett

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