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If I Were to Die Tomorrow
Episode 824th June 2022 • The Little Pod of Inspiration • Danny Brown
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If you were to die tomorrow, how would you be remembered? Would people think of you fondly, or only envisage the bad memories?

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If I were to die tomorrow, would my son remember the dad who rewarded the times he did good deeds or the dad who told him off for the infrequent times he was naughty? Would my daughter remember the dad who tickled her so, or the dad who made her cry by saying no to the things that could hurt her? Would my wife remember the man who loved her from the very first day he knew her, or the ass who could sometimes forget? Would the friends I want to support more than anything remember the one time I couldn't? We make decisions that change the world every day. We may not see the results, but does that mean they never existed? The ratios are always in the balance. How they pan out is up to us.