Saying Yes to God's Calling
Episode 13816th August 2021 • Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader • Kelly Baader
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#138: Do you feel led to start a new venture or change careers or start something new, but don't know where to start?

As our guest in this episode says, "Don't be afraid of the unknown. If God has called you, you are already qualified and ready for this." In the last year, we have seen more and more people start their businesses or take the leap and follow God's calling for their professional life. While it definitely seems scary and I can understand why you may hesitant, but I encourage you to listen to this episode and hear how Craig Pickerill started on his journey as an entrepreneur and how he helps others go on their entrepreneurial journey.

About Craig:

Believer. Husband. Father. Creative. Coach. From fetching coffee as a production assistant to working with clients such as Universal Pictures, Microsoft & Disney. I love helping Christians build a life of impact and experience God's heart in a new life-altering way.

Learn Why You Should Say Yes to God's Calling...

  • [03:38] Craig's Journey from working in the film industry to becoming an entrepreneur
  • [06:20] What is the most common reasons that people seek Craig out?
  • [07:56] 2 examples of his clients' journey
  • [13:46] Craig's BMC method and how it can help you
  • [19:21] 3 Acts of the BMC process
  • [22:40] Departing words of wisdom for those who are hesitant to follow God's calling

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Remember, YOU Matter! See you in the next episode.