Getting the Job Done Doesn't Always Mean Getting Credit for It
Episode 4829th April 2021 • The New CISO • Steve Moore
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Our latest episode features Brian Fricke, CISO & IT Risk Head at City National Bank. Brian joins us to discuss developing mentorships in the industry, how to be a positive leader and how to have a proper work-life balance when you are constantly dealing with high-stress situations. Background

Brian got his start working in IT and information security through the military and federal government. He served in the United States Marine Corps and worked in the federal government realm before transitioning over finance. Brian gives some insight on the transition and how his military background prepared him for a career in information security.

Rounding Yourself Out

When asked what advice he would give to his younger self, Brian says he would encourage himself to round himself out and learn as much about the business and industries as possible. The episode also touches on “not living in anyone’s shadow” and not being afraid to take bold steps within your career if you think you have a solution for a problem. Leaders Listen

Brian was propelled to become a more mindful leader after dealing with a former boss who did not listen. It prompted him to become more mindful and ask his staff what their opinions are during meetings and when dealing with specific situations. Brian says leaders should ask questions that spark creativity and thought, especially when you're working with junior staff. Acquiring Mentors What's the best way for someone to grow? Long -term work experience is probably the biggest component, but mentorships and partnerships are a large piece of this as well.  Brian addresses the type of people to seek out: people who have gone down the path you are looking at, others who have gone down parallel paths, etc. Brian discusses how you can build that mentorship and start that first conversation to start a beneficial mentorship.

Meditation is Key

Cyber security often involves high-stress situations. The work-life balance and mental health components are just as important. Brian talks about how meditation has benefitted him personally and how it could benefit other CISOs or professionals working in high-stress situations.

Celebrate the Small Victories

 If you wait until hitting major milestones to celebrate, employees can sink into a dull mindset. Celebrating the small victories along the way can help boost employee morale and keep everyone motivated. Brian holds a weekly meeting where his staff can recognize positive moments from the week and give shoutouts to their colleagues.


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