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Author Katie Love: The Comedian Turning Heartbreak Into Humor
Episode 1996th December 2022 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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A longtime friend and creative collaborator with NOT REAL ART, today’s guest has a name that matches her unique style. As you’ll discover in this episode, Katie Love writes, performs, and creates from the heart. Based in Los Angeles, Katie is a comedian, writing coach, producer, and the author of three books. Her latest title, Two Tickets To Paradise: From Cult to Comedy, was recently published by NOT REAL ART parent company Crewest Studio to critical acclaim. 

Katie’s personal memoir tells the humorous and heartbreaking story of an earnest, bible-toting kid intent on saving the world, and follows Katie’s metamorphosis into a boisterous comedian intent on saving herself through the healing power of humor. 

In today’s episode, Katie offers us an overview of the story she tells in Two Tickets To Paradise and explains how it knits together the comedy and tragedy of her life. “Comedy-tragedy is what I know and what I’ve had to live through, but it’s also the thing that healed me,” she tells host Scott “Sourdough” Power. “Without a sense of humor—even if I didn’t do comedy as an outlet—I don’t know where I would be.”

You’ll find out why Katie believes we are the gods of our own stories, what she means when she refers to herself as a “cunt tank,” and why she has dedicated this book to all the truth-seekers and misfits out there. Listeners everywhere are bound to find inspiration in Katie’s remarkable story, which ultimately ends in joy and laughter despite the darkness. Buy the book here, and don’t miss our heartfelt and hilarious conversation with the one and only Katie Love.

In Today’s Episode:

Katie Love discusses…

  • The personal story she tells in her memoir, Two Tickets To Paradise
  • Her writing process and the themes she explores throughout the book
  • Why she describes the book as “80 percent funny and 20 percent not funny at all!”
  • The hilarious irony of choosing to leave her religion at a resort called Paradise Island
  • Religion versus spirituality and the devastating impact that religion can have
  • Why reading the tragic parts of her story was more difficult than writing them
  • How she used writing to help her understand her own experiences
  • The immense healing power of humor

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