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How to Overcome $250,000 in Debt and Rebuild Your Life with Chris Felton
18th August 2023 • University of Adversity • Lance W Essihos
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Today, we have a truly inspiring guest with us - the incredible Chris Felton. In this episode, Chris opens up about a pivotal moment in his life that completely transformed his mindset, leading him to incredible success.

In a heated argument with his wife, Chris faces the harsh reality of his financial situation - $250,000 in credit card debt and unable to borrow any more money. But instead of giving up, Chris and his wife make a bold decision to seek advice from wealthy mentors and embark on a journey to turn their financial situation around. This life-changing experience eventually led them to co-author a book called "Couples Money," where they share their story and the powerful lessons they learned along the way.

During our conversation, Chris emphasizes the importance of knowing what you want and taking the time to reflect on it. He suggests scheduling dedicated time to sit down with pen and paper in a calm environment and writing down your true desires, rather than just thinking about them. Additionally, he shares the advice he received from a successful mentor to make a list of your top 25 dreams, highlighting the importance of dreaming big and setting goals to overcome fear and doubt.

Chris also gives insights into the concept of "The Twelve Week Year" and how it helped him break down his annual goals into manageable quarterly goals. Through consistent effort and focusing on weekly strategies and processes, he not only experienced incremental progress towards his income and savings goals but also a complete transformation in all areas of his life.

But the journey wasn't easy. Chris opens up about his own delusion and the dangers it posed to his family. He stresses the importance of taking 100% responsibility for our lives and the power of objective reality. By making a commitment to never return to a state of desperation, Chris shares how he rebuilt his confidence and shares practical tips on how to start our mornings with a positive routine that sets the tone for the rest of the day.

As Chris shares his story, we dive deep into the importance of mindset, the impact of our thoughts, and the significance of taking action and executing a plan. He also explores the influence of money beliefs, forgiveness, and the role of personal growth and development in achieving lasting success.

Don't miss this episode filled with invaluable lessons and powerful insights from Chris Felton. Whether you're facing financial challenges, seeking personal growth, or looking to overcome obstacles in your life, this episode is sure to provide you with the inspiration and tools you need. And stay tuned as Chris introduces us to his new book, "Think and Grow You," which offers a step-by-step guide to transforming your mindset and achieving your wildest dreams.

Time Stamps:

00:03:41 Turning point: Divorce, debt, awakening, transformation

00:11:19 Life is both science and art.

00:14:12 Morning doubt, routine sets energy for day.

00:19:42 Guard against delusion, embrace objective reality.

00:27:31 Money attitudes shape life; challenge beliefs. Execute plan.

00:37:11 Be aware, change thoughts, do uncomfortable things.

00:42:12 "Clarity and emotional goal-setting transformed my life"

00:53:03 Reverse engineer goals, focus on quarters. Take action, make adjustments, achieve success.

00:56:51 Bob Proctor fan's vision expands at training. Overwhelm fades with calm urgency.

01:02:14 Just relax, loosen up, know your dreams.

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