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Playing well with others and helping good people - with Kevin Mitchell, President, TypTap Insurance Company
Episode 6413th December 2022 • The Insurance Coffee House • Insurance Search
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“We found there to be tremendous value in having an insourced model. It’s more expensive but we view it as an investment,” says Kevin.  “There's nothing better than having a TypTap employee, answer the customer service call or answer the claims call.”

Kevin shares his journey from joining TypTap Insurance’s parent company, HCI Group in 2013 to becoming TypTap President in 2019. Working with independent insurance agents, the business has grown quickly from providing flood insurance in Florida to offering homeowners insurance across 12 States.

He explains the factors that TypTap consider when expanding in to new States, the growth challenges it’s encountered along the way and the benefits on offer to agents.

“Having an internal technology arm (Exzeo, launched in 2012), we’re able to develop a full suite of technology and software that allows the agent to be more efficient.”

With a team of 180 spread across the US and 100 in India, Kevin outlines growth plans for the next year and discusses how remote-working is broadening their prospective talent pool.

“We're always on the hunt for talent. Covid has caused an adjustment to that thought process, we are agnostic to where those employees are located."

Kevin highlights the culture TypTap are building, the impact of remote-working and the value high-performing insurance can bring to the business. “What we're looking for is people that aren't entrenched in traditional thinking.”

“The vast majority of policyholders are good people, hard-working people that are out there just trying to provide for their family. We think TypTap can provide an insurance policy that is able to help good people protect their largest asset.”

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