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Chapter 121. But it’s race-week...
Episode 12129th August 2022 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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This week's chapter is a pretty good example of the straight line getting wiggly in both the TCD sense, and also my life in general. A river quickly becoming a delta.

I'll try to explain: Dan S. has a little bit of time on his hands at the same point that he discovers the podcast.

He finds his way to the guestbook page of my website, and leaves me a question.

As a consequence, Ant finds the question and thinks it will provide the perfect foundation for an episode or two.

And so, with a clear-cut brief, in no time at all we're recalling Mick MacNeil's Accordian, Raine Shine, Jim the Canadian busker, George Jackson Jr, Ant's old work-colleague, Andy Gillespie, (Mick and Andy both of Simple Minds fame), John Martin, Tears for Fears, The Portastudio and Jan, the manager at the Moles Club, Bath, letting me in for free.

So you see my life is all about the pebble, and then the ripples.

But sometimes the thud a threesome of flesh slaps to a climax against my hotel wall. Yee ha!! :o/

There was a mouse in the cat food y'know...