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Ep. 299 - Chani Nicholas: Astrology For Radical Self-Acceptance
Episode 29918th February 2020 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Today we are sitting down with astrologer and New York Times bestselling author of You Were Born For This, Chani Nicholas! Chani was one of the first to make astrology more accessible and mainstream, and currently has a community of over 1 million monthly readers. She joins us to talk about her new book and different aspects of astrology while sharing intimate parts of her life, like her marriage to her wife and how it’s impacted her.

We kick off the conversation with a deep look into Saturn return. This happens in our late twenties, and it’s a time where we face ourselves in a way we haven’t before and come into our own as adults. We ask Chani about her Saturn return, and she shares her move to LA, and the deeply rooted trauma she faced and worked to heal on her journey to becoming an astrologer. We talk about how trauma shows up in astrological charts, and astrology as a healing modality. Chani also gets into the details of north and south nodes, the uniqueness of our rising signs, and the forecast for 2020!

We also talk about:

  • Why Chani wrote her book
  • Her experience with fear, self-loathing, & resentment
  • Astrology in relation to other healing modalities
  • How Chani began studying reiki at 14 y.o.
  • How to move into an abundance mindset
  • Deconstructing privilege
  • Chani’s intention for the year

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