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Chris Shiflett Strikes Back!
Episode 7819th December 2022 • Dipped In Tone • Dipped in Tone
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​This edition of Dipped In Tone has a great guest—Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett, but … wait! There’s more! Hosts Rhett Shull and Zach Broyles tackle a pressing question: What band has recorded the most songs that you—and they—first learned on guitar? The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Nirvana, Zeppelin, the Stones....? Who gets your vote? Also, Zach opens the mail, and it’s a box of Hotwound Dual-Rail single-coil-sized humbuckers for his 1982 Strat (with a vintage Floyd Rose) from Dipped In Tone sponsors Stew-Mac. (If you’re looking to update, mod, or build a pedal, guitar, or amp, check out for a 10-percent discount.) More important, Shiflett steps up to the plate to respond to Rhett and Zach’s “aggressive critique” of his recent Premier Guitar Rig Rundown. But before that, he joins the host in dipping a rig—submitted by courageous DIT Patreon member Rob F., who has been playing a little over a year. His rig: a hot-rodded and Plecked Squier Affinity, an Orange Dark Micro 20, two 2x12 Zilla cabs, and a pedalboard with a JHSJ Series Fuzz, a Wampler Tumnus Deluxe, a PolyTune, and a Lehle splitter to switch between Orange and Joyo heads, plus a JHS attenuator. The verdict? Listen to find out. What else? Chris tells a story about his older brother’s full stack, which became his first band’s PA. Then it’s time for him to share his thoughts on Zach and Rhett’s critique. And to talk about the new Foo Fighters rig he’s having developed—with MIDI-triggered scene changes, an off-stage switcher, and more goodies. He also talks about his current 4x12 Vox cabinets, and how one got a hole burned in its grille cloth by the Foos’ stage lasers. He also discusses about his trust issues, the Strymon Deco, his classic Les Paul Custom, vintage gear, his solo rig, and his upcoming solo album recorded in Nashville … and takes questions from listeners. Be on the watch for the next DIT in early January.

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