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Note To Future Me - Circle270Media Podcast Consultants 20th July 2020
Tips To Increase Your Podcast Listener Engagement - Day 20 - 31 Day Podcast Challenge
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Tips To Increase Your Podcast Listener Engagement - Day 20 - 31 Day Podcast Challenge

You’re still not seeing the podcast listener engagement you were hoping for. 

This is day 20 of my 31 Day Podcast Challenge.

I have four of the best tactics to help you see your podcast listener engagement increase. All it requires from you is a little time and planning. You should start to see the listener participation and engagement increase over time!

Post your social media updates when your audience is active

Understanding your audience is the key to growing your listener base. But more importantly it will also help increase engagement. 

Knowing when your listeners are most active on social media will help you strategically target them with your posts, with the goal of gaining their interest and involvement.

Take the time to understand your audience’s daily routines. It will allow you to strategically plan your posts and therefore gain maximum engagement.

Add a CTA, or call-to-action

The idea is that you invite listeners to comment or participate with your social media post. The goal is to inspire people to spend more time viewing your post and therefore also your account. 

It doesn’t take much from your end, all you need to do is add a simple phrase like: ‘have you seen what we’ve been up to this week?’ or ‘what do you think of our latest episode?’ or a great takeaway quote from the episode. 

Ask them to leave a comment. Ask them to share with someone they know who would benefit from the podcast.

Be involved within the community

The more vocally present you are within your field of interest the more you will be seen by other users. It’s crucial that you’re as active as possible on social media. 

Comment on other users' posts and articles. Follow related accounts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Join FB groups that are in line with your podcast niche and topics. Carve out a dedicated portion of each day to social media, say 20-30 minutes per day.  

Build a newsletter

Newsletters are the perfect way to shout about your podcast’s activity and summarize in a succinct way what you’re up to. 

By tracking your newsletter’s open rate and click-throughs you can start to understand the topics which resonate with your audience. This allows you to plan your content more easily. 

Motivate people to sign up to your newsletter by offering an incentive – exclusive content or offers are both great ways to encourage users to sign up!

Recorded in Studio C at Channel 511, in the Brewery District, downtown Columbus, OH.

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