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033 Burnout: What Drives Us to Burn Out?
Episode 3322nd April 2024 • The Infinite Potential of Being Human • Nicky Clinch
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Burnout is just rampant on our planet today. Shockingly, the current statistics for burnout show that the biggest percentage of the population suffering from this are the youngest generation, the Gen Zs. Burnout is a huge issue in society and it is also increasingly correlated with depression. 

Why is it, when there is more content than ever before in history, offering the answers to our problems such as anxiety and depression, that those problems are actually getting worse? It doesn't logically make sense, but it’s happening. So in this episode, I want to explore what burnout actually is, the blind spots that are driving the roots to burnout, and what is happening to our younger generations.

What is Covered: 

-The prevalence of burnout in today’s world 

-What kind of behaviour burnout is

-The roots of burnout 

-Childhood experiences that can lead to a sense of unsafety and dissatisfaction

-Looking at burnout from an ontological perspective

-How to start changing how you see yourself and your identity

-What problem are you trying to solve by burning out?


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