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Episode 41: Failure And Mistakes Are Necessary For Us to Breakthrough
13th July 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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Let's be real, we've all experienced failure at some point in life.

The question is, are you learning from those failures or do you keep repeating the same failures time and time again?

Failures occur in all of our lives often and the truth is that without those failures, we could not experience breakthroughs.

In today's episode, we dive in to some of our own biggest failures that have also led to some of our biggest breakthroughs. We will talk about how to accept our mistakes and how to slow down enough to learn the lesson that each mistake brings with it.

In this conversation, you'll hear...

-What Wendie learned from her recent failure...03:00

-What Todd learned from a recent business investment failure...05:25

-How to stop repeating the same failing cycle...08:40

-A mistake Todd made that led to a huge breakthrough in his business...11:55

-Why we sometimes need others to help us point out our blindspots...14:35

-A big thank you to our amazing listeners...16:40

-How to be open to learning and growing through your failures...18:10

  • The Apostle Peter

-About Wendie's Visibly Fit podcast and Todd's upcoming podcast...21:50

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