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Destiny: Debate King and/or Degenerate?
Episode 10022nd April 2024 • Decoding the Gurus • Christopher Kavanagh and Matthew Browne
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In this episode, Matt and Chris dive deep into the world of online streamers, focusing on the pioneering and controversial figure Steven Bonell II, better known as Destiny (AKA Mr Borelli). As seasoned explorers of sense-making jungles, Petersonian crystalline structures, and mind-bending labyrinths in Weinstein World, they thought they were prepared for anything. However, the drama-infused degeneracy of the streamer swamps proves to offer some new challenges.

Having previously dipped their toes in these waters by riding with Hasan on his joyous Houthi pirate ship (ignoring the screams of the imprisoned crew below decks), Matt and Chris now strip down to their decoding essentials and plunge head-first into streamer drama-infested waters as they search for the fabled true Destiny.

Destiny is a popular live streamer and well-known debater with a long and colourful online history. He is also known for regularly generating controversy. With a literal mountain of content to sift through, there was no way to cover it all. Instead, Matt and Chris apply their usual decoding methods to sample a selection of Destiny's content, seeking to identify any underlying connective tissue and determine if he fits the secular guru mould.

In so doing, they cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Destiny's background and rise to prominence in the streaming world
  • How much of his brain precisely is devoted to wrangling conservatives?
  • What's it like to live with almost no private/public boundaries?
  • What are the ethics of debating neo-Nazis?
  • The nature of the Destiny's online community
  • Whether murder is a justified response to DDOS attacks?

Whether they succeed or fail in their decoding will be for the listeners to judge, but one thing is certain: if this is your first exposure to the streaming world, you are in for a bit of a ride.




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