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Elsie & Me: A child's perspective on cancer, family, and life
Episode 2215th December 2020 • Man Up to Cancer • Man Up to Cancer
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Sarah and I are blessed with two amazing, kind, talented daughters.

Sage is 15. She is a beautiful singer. She runs XC, indoor, and outdoor track. She loves music and her friends and Grey's Anatomy.

Elsie is 13. She is a ball of enthusiasm. She plays softball and soccer. She loves to swim, and her friends, and Gilmore Girls.

On today's episode, I sit down for a conversation with Elsie. She asked to come on the podcast because 1) she loves podcasts, and 2) she hopes her perspective will help other kids who have a parent facing cancer.

Sage politely declined to appear on the show. If you know Sage, this totally makes sense, and we respect her decision. (-;

If you're facing cancer and you have kids, I think there will be a few tidbits in this episode that will give you a boost, or at least make you feel that you're not alone! KFG!!