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Dialogue and Deliberation featuring Lori Britt
Episode 297th June 2022 • Brand Story • Steve Gilman
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There’s a difference between communicating with someone and having an intentional conversation. As a Professor of Communication and Co-Director of ICAD at James Madison University, Lori Britt has spent her career teaching others how to identify their own personal schema and the walls that may be preventing them from effectively engaging with others. Whether you’re speaking to an individual or working as a group, her insights will prove valuable in helping shape your next conversation.

This is Brand Story, a podcast celebrating the stories of real people

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Episodes feature guests from a variety of backgrounds who bring their

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Brand Story is created and produced by Gravity Group, a full-service

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Steve Gilman.

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Episode Chapters:

(00:00) Introduction - Lori Britt

(03:42) - What is ICAD (Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue)

(09:39) - The approach of "Yes, And..."

(13:10) - Deliberation Before Action, And "The Groan Zone"

(21:59) - Challenges of Getting a Group to Communicate

(26:45) - Empathic Guardrails, We are All Experts, and Authentic Listening

(33:00) - Feeling Valued, and finding new possibility

(39:32) - What's something that's scared you but you did anyway

(41:54) - What's Next For Lori Britt

(44:57) - If you weren't a communications professor, what would you be doing?

(46:29) - Advice to a younger Lori Britt: Write your story, and write it boldy