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The 1990s
Episode 825th January 2023 • Processing the Past • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Segment 1: music

  • Nirvana (debuted in 80s but didn’t really become iconic until the 90s) 
  • Rest in peace to a music icon Kurt Cobain, 
  • made a label in music history having more than 1B streams on their most known song “smells like teenage spirit” 
  • The meaning behind the song is actually pretty interesting, Kurt has been mentioned as “smelling like teen spirit”
  •  was unaware that it was actually a brand of deodorant and continued to make it the name of the song not realizing which is pretty funny to me 
  • Same with radiohead
  • their song Creep from the Pablo honey album has 1B plays on Spotify, 
  • definitely a milestone for music, 
  • lead singer, Thom Yorke isnt much of a fan of this song and doesn’t like singing it anymore, like that it doesn’t represent how he feels anymore since he’s gotten older 

Segment 2: fashion 

-90s fashion is my favorite out of all of the decades, besides the 80s,

And this one show really seemed to define and have an influence on clothing in the 90s

-Will Smith did inspire tons of people watching the show to dress like him 

  • Bomber Jackets, scrunchies, which I know youve all heard, 
  • And tons of plaid, lots of companies and brands have been trying to bring back "90s vintage" and are becoming more common once again, even if they werent the same as before.
  • Especially the iconic flipped Jacket Will brings into the light, even making a clothing line called "Bel-Air Athletics" which is super creative and awesome 
  • This streetstyle will always have a special place in my heart 

Segment 3: Art

-It's still popular now and has definitely evolved, It's one of those things that honestly will never go away

Art and music are both connected, being that hip-hop music created this graffiti movement 

-Another Graffiti artist Banksy, an incredible street artist, still alive now and continuing many breathtaking works, and has even had art exhibits 

-He used to hide his identity and was afraid of being arrested or persecuted as Keith Haring and many other street artists had been. He is a true gift to the art world

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