Seeing Erin Hagerty
12th December 2022 • Chasing The Dream • WLIW-FM
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Erin Hagerty died last year at the age of 62. By most counts she lived an extraordinary life -  simply by doing things many would consider ordinary. This is an examination not of what she did but how she was seen. By strangers, her family and most importantly how she saw herself.

"Seeing Erin Hagerty” is a WLIW-FM special program and a part of Chasing the Dream, a public media initiative The WNET Group, reporting on Poverty, Justice and Opportunity in America. 

Bob McKinnon, host of the podcast Attribution, talks with Erin’s mother, her four siblings and documentary filmmaker and activist Dan Habib.  Our hope for these thirty minutes is that you simply see Erin for who she was. Perhaps it will change how you see others too.

Chasing the Dream is a public media initiative from The WNET Group, reporting on poverty, justice, and economic opportunity in America. You can learn more at Major funding for Chasing the Dream is provided by The JPB Foundation with additional funding from Sue and Edgar Wachenheim, III.