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Life Through a Dram - Danny Brown EPISODE 29, 8th June 2019
Uber, the NFL, and Convenience Over Ethics

Uber, the NFL, and Convenience Over Ethics

Over the years, Uber and the NFL have come under scrutiny for their unethical practices. From misogynistic and threatening behaviour to women, to abusing employees and more, both companies have suffered major PR scandals.

And yet we continue to support them. Why? In this week's show, I dig into this mindset of convenience over ethics.

Topics on the menu include

  • How Uber executives tried to silence female journalists
  • How the Uber CEO abused a driver who questioned him about the falling opportunities for drivers
  • How the NFL placed smoking weed as a higher crime than battering your partner
  • How the cult of celebrity seems to put the spotlight on the victim as opposed to the accused

Settle back for a discussion on why we seem vociferous in our condemnation of these acts, and yet also quick to forgive, either through convenience or because it's game time.

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