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The Ethical Evolution Podcast - Ethical Change Agency EPISODE 29, 16th May 2020
Ethical Waste with Marty McGinty
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Ethical Waste with Marty McGinty

My next guest was introduced to me by an agency in Western Australia doing great work on telling the stories of change-makers. The alignment couldn’t have been more right! 

Marty McGinty is the Managing Director of Matter - an Australian green-tech start-up on a mission to empower people and communities to track, manage and reduce their waste footprint.

Using real-time data, Matter’s patented smart sensor technology and user Apps provide Smart Cities, councils, businesses and homes with the information required to minimise landfill, improve recycling and enable better choices when it comes to waste. Just like we have meters for our gas, water and electricity usage, now we have a metre for our waste.

Importantly, the sensor technology is  the first product in Australia available at a size and cost to rollout across entire communities, meaning the opportunities for collective environmental impact are huge. 

The company is currently seeking investment to grow the business and expand its reach and impact.

Please feel welcome to check them out at www.matter.city for more information.

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