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This Week: Telecom Infrastructure Policy with John Hendel of Politico
Episode 3012th April 2021 • The Week with Roger • Roger Entner
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0:25:The Biden Administration released an infrastructure proposal and includes a plan to close the broadband gap - what that looks like.

2:16: Why many Democrats on the hill are excited by this announcement.

2:50: Which talking points are causing alarm and why.

5:07: How moderate Democrats may react to this legislation.

6:44: The Whitehouse isn’t getting too specific on things such as price control.

8:13: Recon Analytics just did a survey and recently released results on how to close the broadband gap. 

9:09: Examining how we can fund these subsidies.

10:53: These are bi-partisan and cross-industry issues - where should subsidies be directed?

13:14: What does Agriculture have to do with broadband?

15:05: We need better strategy over how money is spent - could we possibly see a new department created?

16:50: When to expect details to emerge on the Biden Plan?

20:36: Who are the key players on Capitol Hill?

23:15: How the internet service providers could impact the legislation.

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