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Payroll Leaders Reveal Key Strategies for Achieving Payroll Success | Ana Laiu & Ian Hodson
Episode 15323rd May 2024 • The Payroll Podcast • Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment
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Welcome, everyone, to another episode of The Payroll Podcast! I'm your host, Nick Day, CEO of JGA Recruitment, specialist Global payroll Recruiters!

Joining us today are industry experts Ana Laiu, Director of Pay and Reward for PPHE Hotel Group, and Ian Hodson, Director of People and Culture at Housing 21. Both Ana and Ian bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, having recently launched a series of articles in CIPP’s Payroll professional magazine.

For those not familiar with these two formidable guests, Ana is a passionate payroll advocate with over 20 years’ experience and is committed to elevating the profile of the profession to the highest level. She has also worked as a CIPP Tutor, Global Payroll Association Mentor and she is involved in various industry initiatives that push back against the status quo!

Meanwhile, Ian currently oversees all aspects of people management including reward, payroll, pensions, employee benefits, HR systems and executive remuneration for Housing 21. Ian is a champion for payroll and reward strategy as a driver for change.  Ian is also the current board member of the Education Competencies Consortium and not only has he been the recipient of the Pay and Benefits Career Accomplishment Award, he was also the Employee Benefits Reward Professional of the Year in 2019. 

In this episode, we explore

  1. Balancing Service and Automation: Ian discusses how to maintain personalised service while automating payroll queries.
  2. Customer Experience: Ana highlights the importance of positive employee interactions with pay and reward teams.
  3. Securing Stakeholder Buy-In: Ian shares strategies for gaining senior support for a payroll service desk.
  4. Enhancing Payroll with Data: Ana explores using service desk data to improve payroll operations.
  5. Transitioning to a Service Desk Model: Ian provides insights on moving traditional payroll teams to a service desk model.
  6. Employee Involvement in Payroll Design: Ana emphasises the importance of involving employees in designing payroll services.
  7. Creating Clear Knowledge Base Articles: Ian offers tips for making complex payroll terms accessible in knowledge articles.

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