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FIRST Deal With A SMALL Commission Into 100 DEALS From The SAME Client - Episode 77 w/ Navid Moosa
Episode 778th December 2022 • The Headley Group Real Estate Show • The Headley Group Real Estate Show
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Say Hello to NAVID MOOSA, a Broker/owner, the creator of the term “Agenteur” and the podcast host, Mr. Save A Home: Becoming an Agenteur™.

He has garnered over 20 years of real estate experience, 15 years licensed, and has become well-respect for providing some of the best real estate consulting services in his market!

As a real estate investment consultant Navid will provide expert advice and recommendations to clients looking to purchase or develop property.

In Episode 77 we cover a host of topics including:

1. Know your OWN value in the professional field & how you can LEVERAGE that to GET where you deserve.

2. Learning the DIFFERENCE between a legitimate CRITIC & a HATER in the professional field.

3. Adjusting to an ADAPTABLE MINDSET to stay competitive in today's EVOLVING market.

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