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Best Bits of 2022: How to Build Confidence
Episode 14720th December 2022 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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As trained medical professionals, we are confident about our technical skills and our ability to work harder than most professions. But are we truly confident and happy about our lives and careers? Every day is a whirlwind at our workplace, and we need to learn how to build confidence, take a step back and be compassionate to ourselves.

Every day, we can learn something new. Not just about the technical aspects of our work, but also about ourselves, our emotions, and well-being. 

In this episode of ‘You Are Not a Frog’, Rachel brings you this year’s best bits of the podcast on self-confidence and creating a life you’ll never regret. We look back on people pleasing, taking criticism, imposter syndrome, and self-coaching! 

Don’t miss this episode and step into 2023 with an improved mindset on confidence!

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover how to gain confidence at work and listen to constructive criticism.
  2. Learn how to redefine your beliefs and be more honest with yourself to find peace and happiness.
  3. Go on a self-development journey through self-coaching.

Episode Highlights

[02:02] Episode 110: How to Stop People-Pleasing

[08:01] How to Build Confidence and Take Criticism

[10:16] Episode 112: Rethinking Imposter Syndrome

[13:46] How to Accept Growth and Imperfection

[19:51] A New Definition of Imposter Syndrome

[21:05] Episode 115: How to Find Peace and Happiness

[33:11] How to Be Honest

[35:55] Episode 117: How to Build Confidence Through Self-Coaching

[41:48] Stop Being Confused

[43:13] Episode 123: How to Live Without Regrets


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