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Melissa Ferrick (Part 2 of 2: Avatars and Gratitude)
Episode 344th April 2023 • All Your Days • James O'Brien
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Part two of a stunning and wide-open conversation with Melissa Ferrick. From the Spotify class action suit to writer’s block to the revival and reinforcement of a practice to the transformation of a life into one that strives for balance between artist and academic, the podcast is joined again by this incredible voice, one that has been putting in the work since 1991. We pick up Melissa’s journey from where we left off in the heady early days, tracking days of triumph and troubles all the way to the present, where the artist — and the academic — are on the cusp of new and powerful moments. And we get a sneak peek at Melissa’s new single. 

Clips in this episode:

  1. David Lowery v. Spotify (Dan Kopko, ‘Copyright Answers: Copyright & Music’) - 2016
  2. Why Did Taylor Swift Pull Her Music From Spotify? (Joe Levy + Trish Regan, ‘Street Smart’) - 2015
  3. A2IM/Melissa Ferrick/NMPA (Portia Sabin, ‘The Future of What, Episode 64’) - 2017
  4. Goodbye Youth (Melissa Ferrick, ‘GoodBye Youth’) - 2008
  5. It’s Been A Long Time (Melissa Ferrick ‘In The Eyes of Strangers’) - 2006
  6. The Truth Is (Melissa Ferrick, ‘The Truth Is’) - 2013
  7. What Music Teaches You (Melissa Ferrick, Berklee College of Music) - 2013
  8. Black Tornado (Melissa Ferrick, ’70 People at 7000 Feet') - 2004
  9. Welcome to My Life (Melissa Ferrick, ’70 People at 7000 Feet’) - 2004



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