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Temporary Fandoms - Temporary Fandoms EPISODE 19, 25th March 2021
The Fall: Part 5 2001- 2008

The Fall: Part 5 2001- 2008

Mark E Smith as Doctor Who? The Eleni Period Begins.

Do The Fall suffer a post millennial slump, or is it all guns blazing into the new century? Does MES revamp the line up again to ruin Nick's argument that the line up was relatively stable? How is Ewan's brain after listening to the entire discography?

The line-up changes again, and we are joined by James Kennedy, Mike Plowman, Aaron Troy White and The Blue Orchids' Tansy McNally

In this episode we work our way through the ups and downs of...

Are You Are Missing Winner? (2001)

Country on the Click (2003)

Fall Heads Roll (2005)

Reformation Post TLC (2007)

Imperial Wax Solvent (2008)

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We had a few audio issues with this one, hopefully they won't get in the way of listening.

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