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Supply Chain is Boring - Supply Chain Now EPISODE 9, 21st August 2020
Supply Chain Management is Boring: Interview with Greg Cronin, Part 1
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Supply Chain Management is Boring: Interview with Greg Cronin, Part 1

In this two part interview we spoke with the Supply Chain Technology company whisperer, Greg Cronin, about his long and successful career in supply chain management and what the future holds.

It also just happens he and John Hill, who we recently interviewed on Supply Chain is Boring are considered the fathers of the warehouse management system industry and you get the indication the competitive embers are still alive.


In part 1 Greg discusses how he got into supply chain management up through his multiple attempts at retirement. Be sure to listen through the end to hear bonus coverage to get a better understanding of Greg Cronin. It all sounds pretty boring. So let’s see if Greg can prove me wrong.

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