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Lies - Chasing Truth
Episode 1023rd August 2023 • OTR - Achieving Mental Health for Real • Robert Adleman
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This is a special episode that examines the untruth - lies. We look at how lies are so prevalent, especially in today’s world. And how they can distract you from the truth. I talk about my belief that truth = love = God. We examine each type of lie from a white lie to Justification. I believe that living truthfully with yourself and WITH others can help your mental health immensely. How the US is so polarized politically as the news shows spout propaganda, a lie. How people may lie to themselves. I was originally hoping to get this out for Independence Day as a solo show, I did many different VERSIONS, but they all came out preachy and monotone. Then I thought of John Lee from the shows “What is the Meaning of Life? Why are we here?”  back in December 2021 and “What is Consciousness?” last March 2022. Thanks to John, it finally came out very Entertaining. So, get ready for the truth. Enjoy

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