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Episode 05 – Matt, Joey, and Erik Brave the Snowpocalypse
17th May 2017 • My Alchemical Bromance • My Alchemical Bromance
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In this episode, Matt, Joey, and Erik brave the 2017 Snowpocalypse to discuss chaos magic at Baerlic Brewing. Join us as we delve into the weird unknown and talk about a subject that has really driven a lot of our occult practices. Also, the beer is really interesting! Location: Baerlic Brewing Beers Each of us drank a different selection of beers, so you'll have to listen to the podcast and see what we say about each one. Other Stuff
  • Sigils
  • Servitors
  • The Invisibles
  • Twin Peaks
  • John Crowley
  • Alan Moore
  • Fountain pens
Here's that Grant Morrison video we were all so excited about. P.S. We did not record a second podcast on the next day.