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Your Positive Imprint - Catherine Praiswater EPISODE 25, 27th May 2019
Life Coach Kyra King – Listen to your Body
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Life Coach Kyra King – Listen to your Body

Get Present With The Moment

Life Coach Kyra King is the mother of two children.  She is a single mom coming out of a toxic relationship but she learned how to cleanse and re-program her body and mind.  She transformed herself through nutrition, implementing habits such as morning stretches and reflection and getting present with the moment.  All of this has helped her to better navigate through the demands of life and motherhood.

During her transformation she discovered her talent in coaching and became a certified life coach.

Kyra's inspiration comes from her upbringing in a family full of coaches.  Coaching comes naturally to her and she is passionate about helping others.

Having a background as a professional dancer and model, she sees coaching as a way to bring radiance back into a client's life.  "Get present with the moment.  Be true to yourself."

Kyra King is Radiant and True Life Satisfaction Coach.