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Bulletproof Hiring Strategies, How To Find Mentors, and Paying Full Price For Success, with Oliver Graf and Sam Khorramian
Episode 7010th July 2019 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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In this sit-down episode, Roland Frasier talks with the Cofounders of 7-year-old Big Block Reality. Last year they did a mere 2.4 billion and have hit the Inc 500 list with 1000+ agents and a 10% market share. We get to hear what they accredit their success to, and how they stay on track and motivated. 

Listen For,

  • How they overcame prospect objections and convinced people to buy into their new business model
  • Their shortcut to success
  • How they convinced their mentor to coach them
  • How listening to people’s objections gave them insight into how to build the back end of their business
  • The kind of advice you need to listen to and the kind of advice to ignore
  • Whether it makes sense to pay for mentorship
  • How they knew it was the right time to scale
  • Why they’re following the Franchise path as opposed to alternative growth strategies
  • The bulletproof hiring system that has enabled them to expand (go to
  • Why (and how) they write their Job Ads like a Video Sales Letter - a pitch
  • Words to say to a potential sales person that will reveal if they have what it takes
  • How to stay motivated in the face of entrepreneurial challenges
  • Their thoughts on Partnerships and why it works for them 



Connect with Oliver at OliverGraf.TV and Find Sam Khorramian on Instagram and FB, @The9TH0

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