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Dark Voices - A Pastor's Story of Depression
Episode 125th January 2023 • OTR - Achieving Mental Health for Real • Robert Adleman
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Michael Scholtes suffers with major depression and anxiety. So, what is surprising about him. Well, he is also a Pastor of a Lutheran church. So how can a man of faith have depression? Depression can strike anyone anywhere. It doesn’t have favorites.

Michael describes it as two voices that he hears constantly -- the "Dark Voice" of depression that tells him that he is worthless and horrible, and the still,small voice of God who whispers to him that he is beloved and worthy. Michael wrote a book about his experiences called,” Darkwater: A Pastor's Memoir of Depression and Faith”, which is available on Amazon and other outlets.

Michael has a unique perspective to offer people of faith, a deep and thoughtful experience of depression. He believes that he can offer hope to people who live with mental illness. So come join us for his story of courage.

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