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Getting Paid to Write Fiction Online & Impostor Syndrome (with Wattpad Star Auburn Morrow)
Episode 41st March 2022 • Making Money Making Art • Kate Cavanaugh
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“As artists, you know, it’s always like you’re this suffering, starving artist....but I’m thinking about the end game, how am I going to get to the next step in my career. What do I need to do to push that? Something about my time with Wattpad has really made me think about the future. Not just writing stuff because it’s fun, but because the world would be interested in it too.”

In today's episode, we're chatting with Wattpad star, Auburn Morrow! With over 650K combined reads and 2 paid stories, Auburn explains the other bonuses of signing an exclusive deal with Wattpad (including a sponsored writing opportunity with Maybelline for National Coming Out Day) and what it's like to get paid to write fiction online.

One of our main points of discussion is around the artist's worst, but sometimes closest friend: Impostor Syndrome, and how it stays with us through every step of the creative process. We also discuss time management, our propensity to turn into potatoes if we don't keep busy, and how to decide between different avenues of publication.

It was such a delight getting to talk with Auburn! I had so much fun manifesting and commiserating together, and I hope you enjoy hearing from her as much as I did.

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