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How to Find Your Purpose
Episode 225th April 2022 • THE AMPLIFII PODCAST • René Rodriguez
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“When you realize it’s bigger than US, you’ll withstand the adversity, the setbacks.”

To be an effective leader, you must first ensure that your own motivation remains high, through problems and crisis as well as high times and celebration. This demands a true and honest understanding of both what sparks you (what forces you to immediate action) and your purpose (what will sustain you through those times of hardship). This episode will help you expose BOTH.

2 out of 3 employees are rethinking their purpose based on the events of the last two years.

While large organizations can benefit exponentially from wrestling with these questions, even solo entrepreneurs, parents, coaches or junior employees need to have a jump-start motivation tool AND a long-term aim for your work in the world in order to realize your possibilities and reach your ultimate goals.

Show Resources:

01:50 - If you haven’t asked the question yet, you will at some point

02:15 - “Tuesdays with Morrie”

02:55 - “Spark” vs. “Purpose”

04:25 - “If you’re not motivated, what pisses you off?”

05:05 - Connection to something bigger than us

06:08 - We have to know that our work MATTERS

06:22 - UNDERSTANDING how our work affects others

06:55 - Purpose is something you can choose

07:40 - How to get to “purpose”? Look at who you are

09:50 - Your “lighthouse” or your “foghorn”

13:00 - The connection of past and current is where the strongest purpose is found

15:35 - The benefits to increasing connection among your employees

17:10 - When you are acting outside your values

19:00 - Learn to tell your story and AMPLIFII™ your impact exponentially

20:15 - AMPLIFY YOUR INFLUENCE Book Bulk Orders available!