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Lifelong Learning and Self-Discipleship for Leaders with Ken Brooks
Episode 2521st September 2023 • Leaders Moment • Scott McClelland
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How do we develop as leaders in God's Kingdom? On the one hand, we must submit to God and allow Him to be in control. But on the other hand, discipleship is not a passive process. Rather, it's an intentional process.

Ken Brown is no stranger to the tension between being passive and trying to charge ahead rather than waiting on God. Listen as he and I delve into this important topic.

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  • Why it's important we be active participants in discipleship and growth
  • Why intentionality is a key component of personal development
  • The role of continuous learning in transformative self-improvement



Ken Brooks’s thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. His life is dedicated to the pursuit of lifelong learning, which he believes is the gateway to personal evolution and leadership. 

Ken is known for his patience and wisdom. His personal journey shows that we grow the most when we actively pursue growth and knowledge. His passion for self-discipleship and personal development acts as an inspiration for leaders, encouraging them to never stop learning and growing.

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