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Episode 1: Julie Graf Skinner of Busch Funeral & Crematory Services
Episode 128th January 2021 • EPO Presents Leadership Podcast • EPO - Eldercare Professionals of Ohio
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Julie Graf-Skinner, Pre-Planning Advisor with Busch Funeral & Crematory Services, tells the the company's history while answering their most common questions. including...

  • How can I break the ice with my loved one to get them to discuss this difficult topic?
  • What are my options for cremation, can I have a viewing or funeral before I am cremated?
  • What are my options for final disposition of my cremated remains.
  • What happens if your company goes out of business?
  • What are my options for payment ?
  • What happens if I die while away from home?

And more. To schedule a consultation, or to get your Free Final Wishes Organizer, contact Julie directly:

Phone: 216-789-5596


Visit their site at

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