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The Travelers Blueprint - Bob DiMenna and Elliot Shibley EPISODE 104, 21st September 2020
TTB 104: Hiking Antarctica

TTB 104: Hiking Antarctica

Justin Jones is one of the premier motivational speakers and extreme adventurers in the world. In our conversation today, Justin discussed how he completed the first unsupported kayak expedition from Australia to New Zealand (62 days, 3318 km/ 2075 mi), the first unsupported expedition from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back (89 days, 2285 km/1430 mi) and a 1800km/1125 mi trek across the Australian Outback with a one year old (102 days). 

Inside the Episode:

  • (5:51): “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all” As you hear Jonesy’s explanation for putting this quote by Oscar Wilde on his website, he makes it clear that his biggest fear (coming from a guy who encountered hungry sharks while kayaking from Australia to New Zealand) is living a life of regret. Seems cliche, and it is, but that’s because we can ALL relate. One thing we learned from talking to people like Jonesy on our podcast is just how important it is to take action on the things you are gratifying. Whether it's hiking across Antarctica or starting a travel podcast - do it. VG
  • (9:34): What’s the longest you ever kayaked? Our guest Jonesy took 3.5 years to plan his incredible kayaking expedition across the Tasman Sea, the sea between Australia and New Zealand - the first to do it on an unsupported vessel. The journey ended up taking 62 days, where Jonesy and his partner were hit with life draining elements, including hungry sharks, a hurricane, and dehydration. 
  • (14:32): Jonesy is a methodical and meticulous planner. However, no matter how much you plan you can never really ‘know’ what to expect once you put yourself in an open kayak, in the middle of the Tasman Sea...with our merciless and unforgiving Mother Nature. 
  • (24:24): Walking roughly 18 miles a day over the course of three months through the blistering cold of Antarctica, Jonsey was burning about 10,000 calories per day (think 20 Big Macs a day). Due to packing restrictions however, Jonsey was only able to eat about 6,000 calories per day, surviving off of dehydrated meals, vegetable oils, and butter. 
  • (28:11): How do you poop when you're bundled up on a hike through Antarctica? “Have you ever watched a man poo for 6 days straight? You should try it!?”
  • (30:03): Did you know there is an actual barbershop pole on the South Pole?! There is an actual pole at the South Pole! The more ya know…
  • (32:26) Over the course of his journey, Jonesy was hit hard by the elements - Losing a total of 66 pounds, Jonsey found himself desperate for calories to the point where he was eating his toothpaste for nourishment. 
  • (37:56): “The Longest Unsupported Unassisted Polar Expedition of All Time” That’s what Jonsey planned on accomplishing with his partner Cas after extensive planning and preparation. Then, they showed up to the starting point only to find out that another guy would be challenging them for the title. By the time they made it back halfway - word got back that this man had beaten them to the finish line. However...as you hear Jonesy say in this clip, the man, named Alex, waited for them to cross together. #humanititycanbebeautiful 
  • (45:00) Ok, so we were already blown away by the stories Jonesy shared. But when he got into the details of his walk through the Australian Outback with his wife and 15-month old daughter, we were truly blown away. 
  • (57:07): Rapid Fire Question Round!! With Justin Jonesy! 

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