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Evan Stewart | Pursuing Post-Traumatic Growth
Episode 1419th July 2022 • High Growth Founders • Kasey Jones
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In today's episode of High Growth Founders, Kasey chats with Evan Stewart, co-founder and CEO of Basewell. After joining college, Evan quickly decided that it was not for him. He took a leap of faith and ventured into real estate with hardly any money. 

In only five years, he grew his business to the top 1% of real estate businesses in Texas.

As he shares his journey, Evan will talk about a series of formative experiences in his life, as well as two essential facts he learned from those events.

He will also discuss his childhood family dynamics and how they influenced his decision to pursue various business endeavors at a young age.

You will learn how Evan got his real estate business into the top 1%. 

He will discuss why, despite his incredible achievements, he quit the real estate industry.

You will learn about Evan and his wife's intense yet wonderful connection and its transition into a great business partnership.

He will share for the first time how he and his wife went from losing everything to founding Basewell.

Evan will also reveal his top book recommendations for founders.

Join Kasey and Evan as they dive into an inspiring conversation about success, being hyper-intentional about what matters to you, and learning from traumatic experiences. 


What You Will Learn in this Show:

  • How to protect what is important to you.
  • About Evan's company, what Basewell does, and the next big phase for Basewell.
  • The significance of empowering your team to perform at their optimum.
  • How to avoid living in a false positive. 
  • Evan's advice for when everything seems to be falling apart.
  • And so much more…


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